You Can’t Take the Sky From Us

Browncoats. Rebels & Independents. Doers of the Impossible. Big Damn Heroes. Leaves on the Wind. So very pretty–too pretty for God to let us die.

My fandoms are many, but none are as dear to me as Firefly. I’m sure many of you can agree. There is something magical about this show and this fandom–something that has allowed it to survive in our hearts for over a decade after only a single season.

In the past, I wrote about the Firefly board game (and expansion), which is fantastic, but today I want to talk to you about Firefly Online. Yes, I know it isn’t out yet. And yes, I’m chomping at the bit here. I log into the Cortex every day and keep waiting for a release date to be announced.

A trailer for those of you who live under a rock…

What we know so far…

  • It’s online, so you can meet up with fellow Browncoats. You can travel the ‘verse and there will be areas you can land and chat it up with fellow players.
  • Your decisions will change how your crew views you. Leveling up or improving just your character isn’t quite how this will work. You’ll be the captain and your decisions and treatment of your crew will impact how they view you. Improving your crew will improve how you fare out there in the big black.
  • You can customize your ship. Your ship is your home so you’ll be able to decorate and customize it both inside and out.
  • The original cast has returned! That’s right, they’ve brought in the original cast to reprise their roles within the game. WE EVEN GET WASH BACK! Sorry for the caps lock there, but…no, actually I’m not sorry. BECAUSE WASH WILL RETURN IN THE GAME.

Why I’m so freaking excited…

I watched Firefly as it aired when I was a teenager and like I said before, there’s something magical about it. It doesn’t happen for everyone, but for the true Browncoats, it struck a chord. It will always be my favorite. We all fantasize about being able to live in our fandoms–to jump into their worlds–and I would jump into the Firefly ‘Verse without hesitation. It wouldn’t be an easy life, but oh would it be a wonderful adventure. With Firefly Online, we’ll all get to do that.

I love the idea that the players’ actions will influence the NPC crew members and shape the game world around them. I love that I will be able to create my own ship and have my own crew–my own family, if you will. Turn on any of my crew, you turn on me.

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