Bonus Post: A Review of Unit 44 Issue #3

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never really been much of a comic reader–not because I don’t like comics but just because I wasn’t really aware of comics as a kid and now it just seems daunting to get into. Then, at MegaCon, I happened by a booth and met Wes Locher. He asked about what I had read and what sort of genres I preferred. He looked over his selection of comics and recommended Unit 44. The first two issues were out so I bought #1 with the promise that I’d return for #2 if I liked it. And I LOVED it. So I returned and bought not just Issue 2 of Unit 44, but also all of his other comics, because suddenly comics seemed more accessible and I thought maybe this is something I can get into after all.

Which brings us to Issue #3. When Wes asked if I’d like to review this issue, I didn’t hesitate in giving a resounding YES!

Just like with the previous two issues, Issue #3 left me in stitches. Unit 44 is cleverly written by Wes Locher and perfectly illustrated by Eduardo Jiminez. The whole premise is just plain fun and the execution is fantastic. It parodies the genre but still has a story of its own to tell as well.  Agents Hatch and Gibson are the odd couple partners the audience can’t help but love. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. You can purchase the Issues on ComiXology.


In case you haven’t heard of Unit 44, it’s hilarious. The premise is that Area 51 forgot to pay for their storage locker and the unit gets sold and then hijinks ensue. In Issue #3:

With the extraterrestrial invasion of Earth imminent, Agents Gibson and Hatch make a final play to recover the Freedahken crystal from Lance Albright. To no one’s surprise, the agents wind up in over their heads as the former Area 51 agent uses the crystal to launch a counter attack on the alien who ruined his life.


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