Notable Nerd Kick-Off: Nathan Fillion

As the unflappable Lady Hawkeye revealed yesterday, we at TLN will be participating in the A to Z Challenge with the theme “Notable Nerds”. Since it’s not yet April 1st, this isn’t officially a part of the Challenge, but we decided to kick things off with a Nerd we all love.

Nathan Fillion. Our favorite Big Damn Hero. The man who captured our hearts as Captain Mal, wowed us with his vocals as Captain Hammer, and makes us giggle as the charming Richard Castle. Also, he really is ruggedly handsome. 😉

I’m sure I could go on and on and on and on and on about how much all of us at TLN adore Mr. Fillion, but we want to keep this brief so I’ll refrain from fangirling too hard over here.

All kidding aside, Nathan Fillion is truly very talented, but more importantly he just seems like a really great guy. He loves his fans and I think we all feel like kindred spirits in our shared love of Firefly. As he says in the clip below, the show meant a lot to us and it meant a lot to him.

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