Review: WizKids Pre-Primed Minis

Until recently, all of my minis have been ordered online, mostly from Reaper Miniatures. I happened to stop into my FLGS for something unrelated and discovered a wall of minis, much to my delight. The manager informed me that these were a new line they’d started carrying. The packaging boasted … Continue Reading →

How We Role: Our Virtual D&D Setup

Because not all of us live in the same place, when we decided to start a D+D campaign, we knew it would have to be a virtual game. It took some trial and error for us to work out the kinks, so this post will cover what we settled on … Continue Reading →

Last Minute Gifts for Critters

Dice Always an obvious choice for anyone into tabletop RPGs. Most probably already have their dice–maybe they’re superstitious and always use the same dice. Or maybe they’re like Laura Bailey (again, see Critical Role) and have tons of dice because they switch when dice aren’t rolling in their favor. Perhaps … Continue Reading →

Inkshares Fantasy Writing Contest

What is Inkshares? Think of it sort of like Kickstarter for books–crowdfunded publishing. Authors can post book ideas which can then be turned into drafts with samples, and eventually listed for pre-order. Once a book is in pre-order status, readers can contribute money to the project to fund its publication. … Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Beyond a Fandom

I don’t know the exact moment I feel in love with Star Trek because I was so young then. My earliest Star Trek memory was when I was about five years old and my older brother dressed up for Halloween as Commander Riker, complete with fake beard. My mother was … Continue Reading →