And to All a Good Night!

Since part one (find it here) was so well received, here’s part two of my Critical Role inspired Christmas poem.

And to all a good night

In shadows, the figure hit the ground with a clop,
The earth shook and Vox Machina came to a stop.
The creature straightened and stood at full height,
Sharp teeth and curled horns made for a menacing sight.

Clutching his hammer, Grog cried “I would like to rage!”
Keyleth agreed, as the beast had crushed all of her sage.
They all drew their weapons and prepared for a fight,
Just as the Krampus lashed out with all his might.

Quickly and quietly, along the wall, Vax sneaked,
With unseen grace, he stabbed and the beast shrieked.
Vex smiled as she nocked and arrow and took aim,
Arcing into the air, the arrow burst into flames.

His eyes–how they burned! His body, how hairy!
He let out a growl, so loud and so scary.
But our players, they rolled much too well,
To fall under his measly frightening spell.
Krampus quickly saw that he had made a mistake,
For these were not children, who in fear, would quake
It was then he decided that he must retreat,
But instead of freedom, it was Percy’s gun he did meet.

Surrounded on all sides, he leapt up to the sky,
Only to have a large purple hand swat him down like a fly.
Disturbed by the noise, Scanlan finally joined the fray,
And looked over the foe they would undoubtedly slay.

It was then the group saw, thrown over his back,
The Krampus carried a large, heavy sack.
Bigby’s hand lifted the sack into the air,
Krampus reached out, but Grog warned “Don’t you dare.”

Krampus was defeated, Vox Machina were heroes once more,
As Scanlan took each child home through his Dimension Door.
Mercer ended the game and said, as they prepared to blink out of sight,
“Merry Critmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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