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I must confess that I’ve put off writing this list because I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I feel like Clara when The Doctor asks her where/when she’d like to go first and she says “I don’t know. You know when somebody asks  you what’s your favourite book and straight away you forget every single book you’ve ever read?” Yeah, it’s like that. So this is subject to change when my on-the-spot-amnesia clears up.


  • Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston – I read this in college and couldn’t put it down once I’d started. At one point, someone asked if I was okay because I’d started crying while reading at lunch and didn’t even realize. I wasn’t even to the heart-breaking end yet, I was just crying because Hurston’s words were so beautiful and spoke to my soul like nothing else ever had.
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison – This is another book that I read in college and it just blew me away. I devoured it in a day and then went back for a second, slower reading. Toni Morrison has since became one of my favorite authors. She weaves stories that are both beautiful and tragic.
  • Everything by Angela Carter. Every. Single. Line. You can’t read too much of her all at once though. It’s like finding a super rich dessert that you just love, but you can’t eat too much all in one sitting without making yourself sick. You have to sample and savor it slowly.
  • The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling – Do I really need to say anything else here? Well done, Ms. Rowling, well done.
  • Gail Carriger. What a breath of fresh air! Ms. Carriger has a delightful voice full of wit and charm. I started with the Parasol Protectorate series and now I’m reading the Finishing School series. And by reading I mean impatiently awaiting the next book.
  • Bollywood. Seriously, nothing beats it. I love the stories, the clothes, the actors (Shah Rukh Khan is so charming and has the best hair), but most of all the MUSIC. I listen to it often enough that I can sing along, in  Hindi, to certain albums. Not that you’d ever want to hear my attempts at singing, especially in a language that I don’t actually speak.
  • Guillermo del Toro, especially Pan’s Labrynth. I have watched Mama and The Orphanage multiple times because I love his films; I say this like it’s a big deal because as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a serious pansy when it comes to anything even remotely scary. And these movies scared the pants off me but the stories are just so beautiful.
  • Joss Whedon. Yes, he’s listed below under TV Shows, but I had to put him here as well. His film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing is the best Shakespeare film adaptation I’ve ever seen. Hands down. Also, I totally fangirled when I found out he was doing the Avengers films. Superheroes AND Joss? Yes please!
  • Star Trek, of course. Star Wars too, but I’ll always pick Trek first.
  • Really bad SyFy original movies. Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, anyone?
  • Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit– I haven’t read the books yet, so I have to put this down in my list of movies. The books are on my must-read list, I just haven’t gotten there yet.
  • The Secret of Kells – A beloved professor told me about this movie because of a shared passion for mythology and all things Celtic. If you share those same loves, I suggest you watch this movie.
  •  Joss Whedon. I love him. I love everything he touches. The cancellation of Firefly might just be the biggest heartbreak of my life to date. I’m completely serious here. Also, Dollhouse and Buffy because how could I not?
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – I’ve watched bits of the other series and I’ve seen every movie, but TNG will always hold a very special place in heart. Picard will always by my Captain of choice. Also, I totally had a crush on Worf.
  • Doctor Who – I discovered DW because of my love of all things British. I happened to turn BBC America on one day and it was in the middle of an episode, so of course I had NO IDEA what was going on. But it caught my attention and I promptly added it to my Netflix queue and there’s been no turning back.
  • Stephen Moffat. Yes, there is some overlap here with the aforementioned love of Doctor Who, but there’s also Coupling and Sherlock which cannot be overlooked and are so fantastically written.
  • Farscape – Thank you Netflix for enabling this particular discovery!
  • Pretty much all BBC, particularly Luther, Downton Abbey, and Call the Midwife (thank you, Lady Scarlett)just to name a few. Also, their adaptations of Pride & Prejudice and North & South.
  • Supernatural – This is a direct result of listening to Ladies Hawkeye and Foxcraft. When I said I’d never seen it, I was soon educated. Now I know that one should always have salt easily at hand. An iron fire poker probably wouldn’t go amiss either. And Latin, should definitely learn some Latin.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – I don’t care what anyone says, MLP makes my soul happy.
  • Tabletop:
    • Dungeons & Dragons and any other tabletop RPG I can sink my teeth into. I’m particularly found of playing the “tank” character and just smashing things, though I sometimes also favor a more supportive role. Depends on the mood and the campaign.
    • Magic: The Gathering – I’m still relatively new to this particular party, but I love it. I have made a point of converting everyone I can, including my dad and dear Lady Foxcraft. My dad now insists on weekly match-ups as he’s become as addicted as me!
    • Collaborative games like: Castle Panic, Shadows Over Camelot, and Forbidden Island/Forbidden Desert.
    • Competitive games like: Munchkin, Wiz War, Small World and Cosmic Encounters.
    • Firefly: The Game – Seriously. This game is amazing. The design and art are spot-on; the game-play is entertaining (though long); it was clearly made by Browncoats for Browncoats. Plus when you play with me, if you go to the Space Bazaar and get Jayne’s hat, you really get to wear my Jayne hat. House rules.
  • Video Games:
    • Spyro – I fell in love with these games as a kid and they’ll always be my favorite. I will admit to owning and playing Skylanders as a direct result of this. I know these games are meant for kids. I am not ashamed.
    • Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom – This is quickly becoming a favorite for me. I never completed it due to several big moves in close succession, but I’m anxious to return to it. I picked it up because of the artwork on the front and then I was intrigued by the description on the back. The thing I love most about this game? It’s like a giant puzzle. Button-mashing and just smashing things will get you nowhere in this game. Plus the art in the game really is beautiful.
    • Left 4 Dead – Because zombies.
    • I’ve never played games online, but that will be changing once they release the new Firefly Online game! (Yes, I realize I’ve already mentioned Firefly in TV Shows and Tabletop Games. I can’t help myself and as Lady Foxcraft is fond of saying, I regret nothing.)

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