A Library Appreciation Post: Hug a Librarian Today

books turn muggles into wizards

Libraries deserve a standing ovation.

They don’t get enough credit, nor do the librarians that keep them going. Libraries are the lifeblood to the academic, to those who thirst for knowledge, to those who need to escape life’s tragedies and heartaches. Reality is so much more bearable with a good book in your hands. Or an audiobook. Or a DVD. (You did know that you could check out multimedia at the library, riiiiiight?)

As such, I wanted to take a moment and applaud the BookBub Blog, which has several outstanding picture galleries and posts about libraries and the fearless leaders who run them. Feast your eyes on some of my favorite posts and check out their site as a whole. Hours of fun for everyone!

Go out there and hug your librarian. And check out a book. And make sure your library card is renewed.

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