Fear and Fascination: Part Two – Vampires

  Please note: this post is the second entry in a series on horror and why we love it. To read the first entry on ghosts, please click here. Introduction I love vampire stories, but I do not, in general, find them frightening. I’m not sure why, exactly, as they … Continue Reading →

Mapping Your Novel with Scrivener and Scapple

Opinions vary quire a bit on the subject of outlining before writing. Some people prefer to create the world and then see where the characters take them. Some follow a very strict outline. I think I fall somewhere in between. My dear friend Lady Hawkeye discussed this matter in her post … Continue Reading →

Rant: The Trend of Slut-Shaming

Fair Warning: This is a rant and an opinion piece. (I also want to harken back to Clara’s post about the controversial Spider-Woman cover. Our two controversial subjects run along the same lines of the female image and the reactions therein.) In the News This article from Time is one … Continue Reading →