Critcal Cosplay: Designing Pike

Any of you who have read my previous posts will know that I’m Critter. For those of you who don’t know what that means, go look up a little show called Critical Role by Geek & Sundry. It’s amazing. The cast/crew are all fantastic. Matthew Mercer puts so much into … Continue Reading →

A Library Appreciation Post: Hug a Librarian Today

Libraries deserve a standing ovation. They don’t get enough credit, nor do the librarians that keep them going. Libraries are the lifeblood to the academic, to those who thirst for knowledge, to those who need to escape life’s tragedies and heartaches. Reality is so much more bearable with a good book … Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Synopsis

  Like, what even is a synopsis, you guys? This month, I’m focusing on final preparations for the transition from writing the thing to (hopefully!) publishing the thing. If you missed my first post on getting published, you can find it here. Last week, I discussed the ever-important query letter. This week, … Continue Reading →

I <3 Britney & I'm Not Even Sorry

This time of year, my day job seriously sucks. It’s an insanely busy and stressful time. Then I stumbled on this Buzzfeed article reminding me how awesome Britney is. And now I’m jamming and it’s getting me through the final push to the freedom of the weekend.

Writing Playlist: I Love Trance | Music for Productivity

Music for Productivity These writing playlists have all been useful, one way or another–helping you pace an action sequence, capture the darkness of your villain, or even capture the emotions needed for a tear-jerker. But what about productivity? I listened to a lot of techno and trance when I was … Continue Reading →