Critical Hit Quilt

In honor of a friend’s birthday, I decided to try myself at something new: quilting. My friend is rather tall and had complained about the fact that he could never find a throw long enough to use comfortably and stay covered. I decided to make the blanket four squares wide … Continue Reading →

New Year, New Experiences: Journaling

I haven’t really been a journal-er. I’ve done the whole “Dear Diary” thing in my youth, and I was already writing something, but journaling was far too consistent for my in-the-moment lifestyle. And journaling was always such an art form to me, one that I had no experience in and no … Continue Reading →

Outlining Your Novel…Again

As I gird my loins for this next (final??) revision, I am revisiting my outlines and notes from the first draft of my current WIP. I don’t want to miss something I once thought important that might actually still be important but has fallen by the wayside during revision. Scary … Continue Reading →

What To Do When You Second Guess Yourself

Revising is hard work. I’m going through the polishing process before I send my manuscript to an editor. It’s a bit backwards, right? Shouldn’t an editor do the polishing for me? But I don’t want to send this person utter garbage–which all of my writing inevitably is, when I read … Continue Reading →

New Year, New Experiences: Chocolate Raspberry Tart

This post might seem a little out of place following my entries on meal prepping and exercise, but bear with me. I’m in search of happy moderation…no legalistic deprivation here, I’m afraid. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that. So, onward. One of my goals this year is to bake … Continue Reading →