What Would Link Do?

When I find myself in times of trouble, Link of Hyrule comes to me, Speaking words of wisdom, HHHHYYYAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! My love of The Legend of Zelda is no secret. It has been my video game of choice since I was a wee lass. Now that I’m older and a functioning … Continue Reading →

Oh, the Horror! (of really scary games!)

  Horror Video Games – An Introduction Confession: I get scared playing Myst! And Riven.  It’s true. Something about slowly exploring an abandoned ANYTHING creeps me out. I get frightened oh-so-easily and it’s absolutely horrible and yet I keep coming back for more. What can I say? As long as … Continue Reading →

Weekend Edition: July 19, 2015

Grab your coffee, tea, or other preferred morning beverage (no judgement here!) and settle in for the Weekend Edition of TLN. Here you will find the goodness we posted over the course of week, all in one spot for your perusing pleasure!  Happy reading, LadyNerders! Monday: Satoru Miwata, You Will Be … Continue Reading →

Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom

I found this game purely by chance. I was looking through a bin of used/discounted video games and I thought the cover art on the case was pretty. I read the description of the game and thought it sounded interesting so I grabbed along with the game I’d come in … Continue Reading →

Warcraft: The Movie

Guys. Guys. It’s happening. Blizzard Entertainment is setting its sights on the big screen. It only makes sense, what with World of Warcraft operating much like a movie in many aspects with beautiful cinematics, gripping character arcs, and the vested interest of its gaming audience. Now they’re going from voice actors to … Continue Reading →