July Theme Reveal

  Let’s play!! From cool classics like Mario and  Zelda to more modern entries like Mass Effect and Five Nights at Freddy’s, July is all about video games! Be on the lookout for posts that cover a variety of console and PC gaming topics as we explore our shared love of … Continue Reading →

Weekend Edition: June 28, 2015

Grab your coffee, tea, or other preferred morning beverage (no judgement here!) and settle in for the Weekend Edition of TLN. Here you will find the goodness we posted over the course of week, all in one spot for your perusing pleasure!  Happy reading, LadyNerders! Monday: Writing a Screenplay Using Scrivener … Continue Reading →

The Best Worst Sci-Fi

My roommate and I have a particular fondness for wonderfully terrible movies, particularly SyFy originals. It all truly began with a little thing called MegaShark Vs. Giant Octopus. This movie is an absolute gem. It is simultaneously a horrible and awesome. So much so, that we then decided that the word MegaShark is … Continue Reading →

Right in the Feels: The Must-Watch List

A Punch to the Solar Plexus. These films knock the wind right out of you, twist your insides into knots, swell giant lumps in your throat, contort your face in agony, let fall wells of tears from your eyes–the whole nine. Prepare yourselves. Honorable Mention: Max This movie ISN’T EVEN … Continue Reading →

James Horner: Thank You for the Music

James Horner, acclaimed composer for films including Braveheart, Titanic, Avatar, and Troy has died in a plain crash. His scores have echoed in our minds, made us feel, and gave us the grandeur of a crucial moment in a scene, as only music can. You will be missed. Revel in his accomplishments on … Continue Reading →