Weekend Edition: May 31, 2015

Grab your coffee, tea, or other preferred morning beverage (no judgement here!) and settle in for the Weekend Edition of TLN. Here you will find the goodness we posted over the course of week, all in one spot for your perusing pleasure!  Happy reading, LadyNerders! Monday: Goal Setting for Writers Wednesday: … Continue Reading →

Finding Your Voice

The world has been built, the characters have been created, and the route ahead is plotted. Now, to the writing. Before you get too far in, you’ll want to decide on your narrative style: what tense will you be writing in? Third Person? First Person? Is your narrator reliable? If … Continue Reading →

Bonus Post: A Review of Unit 44 Issue #3

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never really been much of a comic reader–not because I don’t like comics but just because I wasn’t really aware of comics as a kid and now it just seems daunting to get into. Then, at MegaCon, I happened by a booth … Continue Reading →

Using Writing Prompts to Develop Characters

Every novelist does research. Whether it’s for historical fiction, science fiction, or any other type of fiction–research is essential. We focus on methods of plot development so that our stories move forward in an engaging, believable way–but what about our characters? But how do we research our characters? You may … Continue Reading →

Goal Setting for Writers

    Disclaimer: I’m still learning If you’ve been following my writing agony on twitter the last couple of weeks, then you already know how downright terrible I am at gauging my own potential word counts. It’s a problem. Setting timed word count goals is a relatively new practice for … Continue Reading →