Z is for Zaboo

For those of you who’ve never seen The Guild (why haven’t you seen The Guild? Seriously, go watch it now), Zaboo is a character played by Sandeep Parikh. In the show, Zaboo is a gamer in love with one of his fellow Guild members, Codex (played by Felicia Day). Due … Continue Reading →

Y is for Yes, Please

As in Yes, Please by the magnificent Amy Poehler! From her early success as a full cast member on NBC’s Saturday Night Live to her more recent Parks & Recreation fame, Amy Poehler has established herself as comedic force to be reckoned with. She is also super besties with fellow funnygal Tina Fey, and it’s awesome. Poehler’s … Continue Reading →

X is for The X-Files

THEY’RE BACK! THEY’RE BACK! THEY’RE BACK!!!!!!!! This show is my childhood. It introduced me to the weird, the unusual, the supernatural, the paranormal. It’s amazing. If you haven’t watched the show…um…okay…BUT THEY’RE COMING BACK!!! Mulder, it's me. Are you ready? MT @MichaelAusiello XF Revival Official @DavidDuchovny & @GillianA Back for … Continue Reading →

W is for Wil Wheaton

You might remember Wil Wheaton as that kid from Stand By Me or Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or maybe you just know him from all the awesome stuff he does with Geek & Sundry. Regardless of how you first heard of Wil Wheaton, unless you’ve been … Continue Reading →

V is for Violet

I first heard of Tessa Violet, aka Meekakitty, when I stumbled upon her music video “Star Trek Girl”. I listened to it repeatedly and was disappointed years later when I tried to find it and discovered that she no longer had it posted. But never fear! She’s still vlogging and … Continue Reading →