Notable Nerd Kick-Off: Nathan Fillion

As the unflappable Lady Hawkeye revealed yesterday, we at TLN will be participating in the A to Z Challenge with the theme “Notable Nerds”. Since it’s not yet April 1st, this isn’t officially a part of the Challenge, but we decided to kick things off with a Nerd we all … Continue Reading →

A to Z Challenge THEME REVEAL!!!

Greetings, LadyNerders! April 1st is almost upon us, and we Lady Nerds couldn’t be more excited! We have signed up to participate in the A to Z Challenge (find out more here), and we’ve chosen what we think will be a fun and inspiring theme to carry us through. Are … Continue Reading →

Weekend Edition: March 29, 2015

  Grab your coffee, tea, or other preferred morning beverage (no judgement here!) and settle in for the Weekend Edition of TLN. Here you will find the goodness we posted over the course of week, all in one spot for your perusing pleasure!  Happy reading, LadyNerders! Monday: Notable Nerd: Gail Carriger, … Continue Reading →

Weekly Round-Up: YouTube Edition

This PERFECT Harry Potter Parody of “Uptown Funk”: James Corden (who I absolutely adore) & Tom Hanks act out scenes from famous Tom Hanks films: A throwback to a song that’s been stuck in my head recently:’s Top 10 Movie Fistfights:

Felicia Day Wrote a Book!

Which, really, should surprise no one because she’s amazing. And I realize this isn’t exactly breaking news, but her book drops in August and every self-proclaimed nerd needs to get on that pre-order wagon STAT. I’ll let the lady herself convince you (should you need convincing…which you SHOULDN’T!):