Weekly Round-Up

This wonderful interview in Vanity Fair with the unflappable Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. If you aren’t watching Bob’s Burgers, you should be. The Belchers are the best TV family ever. I want to be them. This video below by Girl Pants Production. I know these guys in real life and they’re … Continue Reading →

Storybird: Let Your Imagination Take Flight

  Writing is amazing. It’s a gift and a privilege and I never want to stop. But it is also hard work. Emotionally and mentally exhausting work. Heartbreaking work. And although I don’t like to admit it, sometimes I lose the love on particularly rough writing days. Oh, I still … Continue Reading →

Cinemasins – The Greatest Thing on YouTube

Cinemasins critiques movies beautifully. Visit their channel for more greatness.

A Different Side of Lady Gaga

At the Oscars, we saw a different side of Lady Gaga. Instead of an outlandish outfit, she was dressed in an elegant evening gown and showed off her voice in a musical tribute to the Sound of Music. And it was perfect.

Outlining: The Time Chris Vogler Helped Me Write

Never heard of monomyth and the hero’s journey? Glove and Boots have done a masterful job at explaining it and applying it to HAPPY GILMORE. It’s perfect. Joseph Campbell was extraordinary in his understanding and comprehension of mythology and psychoanalysis. That said, his book, Hero With a Thousand Faces, has become … Continue Reading →