Weekly Round-Up: King of the Nerds

   A lost Egyptian city was discovered at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea! As someone who LOVED learning about Egyptian culture in school, this article caught my eye and made me day dream about being an archaeologist for the rest of the day. You may already know that I … Continue Reading →

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer is here!

The official teaser trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot film dropped a couple of days ago. Advertised as a modern re-visioning of the comic books upon which it is based, the film has already raised some intense questions and concerns from the comic book community. What do you think? … Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: The Bridge

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the picture below? Now start writing! (Credit: Picture found here.)

Nika Harper is Awesome

After falling behind on my YouTube viewings, I decided to catch up on one of my favorite web shows: Tabletop, hosted by the wonderful Wil Wheaton. One of his guests on the video I watched was Nika Harper and I thought she was adorable and funny and I needed to … Continue Reading →

My Favorite Characters: Video Games — the Top Three

Video games have been a big part of my life, thanks to my stellar gaming parents. I have, along the way, become quite attached to several characters from my favorite games–games I played with those wonderful parents of mine, games I’ve played with friends, and even games that continue to take … Continue Reading →