This Week’s High-Speed Chase: Samhain Edition

I love Halloween. Even as an adult, I look forward to this holiday every year. I blame my Irish roots; appreciation for this time of year is in my blood. Explore the history of Halloween here, compliments of You’ll find that Halloween’s origins reach back to the ancient Celtic … Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Death!

As Halloween nears, we find ourselves concerned with ghouls, witches, zombies, and (quite possibly) Sharknados. With roots of ancient Samhain festivals, Halloween prompts us to think about bringing those from the grave/afterlife back into the waking world. This past weekend, I was forced to think about more than the monsters … Continue Reading →

Sexy Halloween Costumes

This very entertaining video of men trying on women’s sexy Halloween costumes speaks for itself. Thank you Buzzfeed for this.

Music for the Table!

In anticipation for October and Halloween festivities, a group of friends came over to my humble abode and made a little tabletop magic! As we hunkered down in our chairs with Mountain Dew and pizza, we carefully set up Dead of Winter and listed intently to the instructions. While we … Continue Reading →

Fear and Fascination: Part Three – Zombies

Please note: this post is the third entry in a series on horror and why we love it. To read the previous entries on ghosts and vampires, please click here and here. Introduction Zombie films have a special place in my heart because they combine an old Haitian bogeyman with a dose of humor and gooey special effects. … Continue Reading →